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 Let's see if we're a perfect fit for each other. 

I help parents heal themselves emotionally and spiritually so they can leave a legacy in which their children and grandchildren can thrive.

Are you starting to notice some of your unhealthy patterns in your children? or are you worried patterns you've struggled with for years will negatively affect your children?

You are committed to clearing your negative patterns or energy blocks so your children won't have to struggle with the same. You want to show them what a healthy and thriving spiritual adult by living your soul purpose and fulfilling your dreams and desires in a way that leaves you proud of the legacy you create for them and all your future descendants.

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I'm a energy healing practitioner, teacher, and mentor. Here's how I can help:

Client Testimonials

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"Working with Janie has assisted me in creating wholeness in the fabric of my life."

Natanya Lara

Natanya Lara

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