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You're building your legacy.
In this moment, you're the nexus point
between the past and the future.

Your past propels
Your future pulls
your soul along the path to actualize your gifts.

You simultaneously feel what propels
and what attracts
even if you cannot name it.

Your Weekly Letters give you the language to help you understand your legacy-building. They contain essays and invocations — and they’re exceptionally unique, I promise.

Your weekly emails contain:

  • Inspiration and encouragement, fresh insights, and legacy-building moves so you can soul-up in your life and your parenting

  • Inspiration from what I’m reading and who I’m learning from so you can go to the source to follow and support these legacy builders…

  • …and, from time to time, I’ll invite you to sign up for my workshops or remind you that I teach classes and am a Healer and Coach for Legacy Builders.

To get your Letter from the Future each week.

    The Letters I send you = radical optimism.

  • I write them to remind you of your connection to your divine nature and ancestral blessings.

  • I write them as an antidote against the toxic legacies we have inherited from a culture steeped in separation, inequality, and extraction.

  • I write them to encourage you to seek what nourishes and allows you to be in good relationship with the past, the present, and the future.

  • I write them to restore, invigorate and motivate you and all of us.

Because you ARE the answer
to the ancestors' prayer and
the future is counting on you.

Are you in?