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Heal & Clear Your Energy Blocks for Good

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The 10 Most Important Energy Healing Principles for Every Person (Especially Parents) to Practice Daily


Create a lasting legacy and model of healing for your children, grandchildren, and all future generations to thrive

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    • Parenthood has been (and still is) a major wake-up call to what you wish you had known and what you envision for your children, and you're determined to change the story for them

    • Despite your wish to wave a magic wand, slow time, and protect your kids from some of the things you went through, you recognize that cultivating healing skills is the best thing for you and them

    • Despite your best efforts, you know deep down that it will take more than meditation practices and healing sessions to break free of your stress, mindset, and habits

    • The goal is to UNDERSTAND energy healing and develop a lifelong practice that you can confidently model and share with your family

    • You feel a strong pull to reconnect with yourself, your own identity, and what you came here to release, receive, experience, and heal for the next generation

      So many lessons and pushes to heal either encourage people to

    • Disconnect from the world and seek ascension in a dream world devoid of community and deep connection

    • Heal surface level issues just enough to feel temporarily well enough to go on about life β€œas usual.”

    • Both create great misunderstandings and illusions about true transformation. Healing fosters a deeper, more nourishing connection with yourself, your kids, your ancestors, and your communities.

      A practice available to you at all times, from a delightful morning routine, to knowing how to skillfully manage your energy in times of conflict and tension. 

      This resource will take you through terms that may feel familiar such as

      • 1. Energy Clearing
        2. Energetic Patterns
        3. Energy Bodies
        4. Grounding
        5. Life Areas
        6. Life Force

      And guide you through the most important aspects to focus.

      Create an energy healing practice that you, your kids, and future generations can continue to benefit from by learning The 10 Most Important Energy Healing Principles.

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    Why Energy Healing?

    We heal so our kids don’t have to.

    I hear it all the time. β€œI’m doing this so my kids don’t have to go through what I did.”

    Parenthood was the catalyst for me to take my healing more seriously too! So, I get it.

    It takes a deeper level of commitment to achieve true transformational healing for you and your kids; the kind that goes in and energetically reprograms the generational legacy you leave behind.

    It’s not about relying on practitioners to come in and fix things for you. The real magic happens as you step fully into your own spiritual and energy healing practice.

    I guide you as you learn how to reclaim your own ability to self-heal and confidently embrace and express your unique soul's legacy.

    Jane Jaramillo
    Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, and Healer

    Download your copy of the Healing for the Future -
    10 Principles Guide Here


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